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COVID-19 Updates

Some changes that we have made in the practice as a result of COVID-19:

·       All staff and our providers wear masks and other personal protection equipment (PPE).

·       All patients are required to wear a mask before they enter the building. Neither patients nor their caregivers are allowed into the office without a mask.

·       All patients have their temperature taken and will be screened for Coronavirus risk factors using the CDC guidelines upon entering.

·       We strictly enforcing social distancing.

·       Only scheduled patients and their necessary caregivers are allowed into our office. We ask family and guests to remain in their vehicles as we limit the number of individuals in our office.

·       Our staff disinfects common areas more often, including front desk, chairs, counter tops, exam rooms, restrooms, phones, computers, doorknobs, and equipment.

·       We have extra hand sanitizer at the front desk areas, clinical areas, and remind everyone to practice proper hand hygiene.