State-of-the art eye exams in nursing homes
Solomon Eye Associates is pleased to work with Dr. Amanda Paull to provide vision care in nursing homes and residences.  
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Dr. Amanda Paull utilizes the latest diagnostic equipment and hand-held equipment to provide comprehensive eye exams in nursing home facilities or patient's homes.  Studies have found that decreased vision can exacerbate conditions like alzheimers and dementia.  Dr. Paull strives to help each patient achieve the best vision possible and an increased quality of life through prescription glasses, ocular medications, and referrals to specialists if necessary.
Health management
The retina contains small blood vessels that are easily affected by systemic diseases.  Dr. Paull's dilated eye exam in the comfort of the patient's residence will help detect and monitor the severity of systemic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.  She will comanage carefully with the patient's physicians to make sure that each patient's overall health is properly monitored and treated.
A selection of frames is brought to each exam and a customized pair of glasses can be selected and delivered to the patient within 2 weeks of receiving payment for the glasses.  Prices are very reasonable and a patient can select from a range of glasses to suit their needs and budget. If a patient requires a prescription immediately, rush prescriptions can be requested at an additional fee.
If 10-20 patients are seen on the same day at one location, there is no charge for the doctor to come to the location.  Visits for less than 10 patients would have a $50 transportation fee that is paid at the time of service and may be split between the number of patients being seen at that time (additional fees may apply for areas outside of Richmond or Williamsburg).  Dr. Paull is credentialed with major medical insurances such as Medicare, Anthem, and United Healthcare, which pay for eye exams that are for residents that have a medical condition of the eye.  Examples of qualifying conditions include diabetes, cataract, prior eye surgery, glaucoma, dry eye, conjunctivitis, or macular degeneration.  If the patient does not have medical insurance or doesn't have a medical condition of the eye requiring an exam, full exam prices start at $99 and may be more depending on other factors.  Patients demonstrating financial need may fill out an application for assistance for their fees through the Lions Club.  Please contact the office for more details.
Contact Us:
Please contact Dr. Paull at (804) 263-7845 or RichmondOptometry@gmail.com to schedule a clinic or homebound exam.